Tina celebrates 24 years at Hayman-Joyce

Tina Miles is celebrating 24 years as Office Manager at Hayman-Joyce.

Starting her career at Hayman-Joyce on 1st October 1997, Tina was asked to join James Hayman-Joyce – who founded the company in 1991 – having previously been secretary for him at Blinkhorn & Co.  

Tina says: “It’s been an incredible journey working for Hayman-Joyce. I’ve seen work colleagues come and go and am working with others, who like me, have been with Hayman-Joyce for many years. I work alongside an amazing professional team whose knowledge of the industry is second to none. I thoroughly enjoy working now for Tom Hayman-Joyce, who took over the business from his father in 2014, who embraces the ever-evolving technical world which helps us give our customers the highest level of service they deserve and as such we continue to achieve many five-star reviews.”

Tina has embraced the changes over the years, going from a ‘buyer hot box’ to a bespoke CRM, electric typewriters to dual screen computers, printing brochures in-house; which included manually sticking on photographs, to outsourced digital printing and ‘window cards’ to two 55” television screens digitally displaying properties using video. 

Tina continues: “I am incredibly proud and honoured to be part of such a dynamic team.”

Partner Tom Hayman-Joyce agrees: “Tina is an integral part of our team and so much fun to work with. Tina’s knowledge is exceptional and has a wonderful ability to positively adapt and evolve with the business. Thank you Tina for all you are doing and continue to do.”