Team Skydive raising funds for three local causes

To celebrate Hayman-Joyce’s 25th Anniversary six brave members of the Hayman-Joyce team have volunteered to skydive to raise money for three great local causes. 
They will be tandem skydiving on Sunday 4th September, jumping from a plane at 12,000 feet and reaching speeds of 120mph on their return to terra firma.
The rest of the team at Hayman-Joyce have decided to keep their feet on the ground and will be offering their support to the skydivers in the landing area. 
The three local causes we are supporting will benefit from the money raised, are as follows:
Home-Start Cotswolds is a family support charity. They help families who are reaching breaking point because of isolation, bereavement, illness, poverty, and more. Children miss out on the most important years of their life because of family crisis. With Home-Start support, their childhood can start now.
The Midlands Air Ambulance Charity funds three helicopters serving West Midlands, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire & the Welsh borders. Funded entirely by the public, it receives no Government or Lottery funding. £7 million is needed each year to keep the helicopters operational.
Orchard Bank (Cotswold Villages Old People’s Housing Association Ltd.) in Blockley is a well established and maintained complex of seven properties for the over 60’s. They provide residents with a home cooked meal each day and have an excellent reputation for high levels of care, comfort and ease.
The Jumpers are Alex Turnbull, Martin O’Connor, Sarah Garner, Tina Miles, Tom Hayman-Joyce and Tom Miles.
The Ground Loving Supporters are Camilla Haines, Charlie Comber, Chris Stone, Gill Tillott, Henry Coram-James, John Yarnold, Kyna Lydon, Liz Emms, Lucy Arkell, Lucy Jordan, James Hayman-Joyce, Sandy Guthrie, Sheila Morris and Tiffany O’Dell.
We would love your help in supporting our three deserving causes. The partners of Hayman-Joyce have paid for the skydives, so all of your generous donations will go directly to our three chosen causes. 
Tom Hayman-Joyce comments “We are very pleased to be supporting these three fabulous causes and to help the local community which we love. I’m very proud so many members of the team have volunteered to jump, a couple of the team will have to overcome their fear of heights to even get into the plane let alone jump from it. I would like to thank everyone very much for digging deep and supporting us in raising funds.”
Below is a link to our fundraising team page on JustGiving where you can support Midland Air Ambulance and Home-Start Cotswolds.
To support Orchard Bank in Blockley please click the following link.
Thank you for your generosity and support.