Read Easy Fundraising Lunch

Hayman-Joyce Moreton-in-Marsh office was absolutely delighted to sponsor the Read Easy Fundraising Lunch.

It’s a little known fact that about 2.4m adults in England alone have such low reading ability that they struggle even to do their food shopping. Yet most people are far too embarrassed to tell anyone or to join an adult education class. As a result many lead very isolated and marginalised lives. Read Easy UK was set up to provide free, confidential, one-to-one reading tuition for adults through local run groups.

“KPMG estimates that literacy problems cost the public purse £198 million to £2.5 billion a year.  Read Easy can make a really significant difference both to individual lives and the economy”

Digby, Lord Jones of Birmingham Kb is an avid supporter of the charity and a most entertaining guest speaker at the lunch. He spoke of his outrage about the levels of adult illiteracy and innumeracy in the UK, how he would reform the house of Lords if he had the opportunity, his views on the European referendum and delightful insights into his life in business.

In Lord Jones’s own words “Together we can change lives for the better…. And how good does that make you feel?”

Photograph: Tom Hayman-Joyce and Lord Jones