Hayman-Joyce sponsors cycle jerseys for Clarke & Jay’s “Tour de Cotswolds” charity event

Hayman-Joyce were delighted to support the community initiative by sponsoring the cycle jerseys for the Clarke & Jay “Tour de Cotswolds” charity event. This sponsorship helped make the day a resounding success, with the fundraising total hitting £4,814.00. And the good news doesn’t end there; the donation page will remain open for another week, hoping to reach the magical £5,000 mark.

The event, spearheaded by Clarke & Jay, not only witnessed the picturesque beauty of the Cotswolds but also brought together a community eager to make a positive difference. 

The funds raised during the “Tour de Cotswolds” event hold a significant purpose. The Midlands Air Ambulance, a vital organisation known for its life-saving work, revealed that the current total raised will enable them to fund one helicopter mission and six critical care car missions. The impact of these missions cannot be overstated; they have the potential to save lives, offering hope and relief to those facing critical situations.

Zoe Jay, Clarke & Jay, expressed her gratitude, saying: “Once again, thank you ever so much for sponsoring our cycle jerseys and for your support.” Her words resonate with the community, highlighting the importance of local businesses coming forward to support initiatives that bring a positive change to the region.

As the donation page remains open for another week, there is a genuine hope that the fundraising total will reach and even exceed the £5,000 mark.