The Renters Reform Bill update by Sue Maaz

The Renters Reform Bill is being published and will be introduced to Parliament today, 17th May 2023, after a long wait. 

There has been a lot of negative reaction, however, we feel there are many positives to the bill. 

In particular, we see the new legislation will create a less ‘foggy’ relationship between tenants and landlords and provide far more clarity for all parties.

The legislation will include the implementation of many of the measures detailed in the ‘A Fairer Rented Sector’ White Paper which was published in June 2022, last year.

The core areas of the White Paper include the removal of the Section 21 Notice procedure incorporating a simpler tenancy structure with reformed grounds for possession; the requirement for rental properties to meet the Decent Homes Standard; the ability for tenants to legally request to have a pet; and the introduction of a new ombudsman specifically for landlords.  

Rent increase notice periods are also likely to be increased from one month to two months.  We can easily manage this by contacting our clients sooner when a review is due.

Most landlords are worried about the abolishment of the Section 21 Notices, previously known as the ‘No Fault Eviction’ process.  A landlord will still be able to serve notice for reasons such as needing to live there themselves or a close family member, needing to sell the property or if the tenant is failing to pay rent.  We feel this covers the reasons needed and that due to this, landlords should see little change on this part.  

In conclusion, the Bill aims to redress the balance between landlords and their tenants and at the same time provide clarity and support for landlords.  We do not see this as a negative and the measures proposed are there to improve the system.  The Government’s aim is to improve the Private Rental Sector and make it a better place, weeding out the bad landlords, which sadly have given the sector a poor reputation.

The Bill will take time to become law so the changes will not be in place for quite some time yet.

Our exceptional, qualified letting team will be happy to discuss this if you have questions or concerns and look forward to hearing from you on 01608 653606.

Sue Maaz FARLA