Technology and new influences in the Cotswold property market

Tom Hayman-Joyce looks at new influences in the Cotswold property market and the role technology now plays.

As we enter the 20th year of the 21st century, it’s amazing to see how society is rapidly evolving and the impacts this has upon the Cotswold property market.

We are increasingly connected, are more experience led and have a desire to do everything immediately.  

We are increasingly connected in the Cotswolds, with broadband and internet speeds rapidly increasing, this has opened the area to new buyers. For years, many have been tied to the cities for their work, because they find the daily commute too arduous from the Cotswolds. However, with flexible working hours, being able to work from home two or three days a week due to fast reliable broadband, means living here is now an achievable and realistic option which many are seizing.    

As a society we are becoming more experience led.  Demand for visiting the Cotswolds is high and tourism is booming. This has increased the demand for places to stay and many are taking advantage of this, by purchasing and building portfolios of holiday lets. These range from small boltholes to larger country houses and this is increasing the demand for period and market town properties.

As to the desire to do things immediately, it is undoubtable that as consumers we want speed, ease and immediate service. We are increasingly able to do everything from the comfort of our own homes, and at the touch of a button, anytime of the day. Everything from buying a pint of milk to booking your holiday or buying a car can be done online without interaction with people. Yet whilst the touch screen is the most popular way of provision in our modern world there is still a deep-seated need for consumers to feel valued and accommodated by real customer service, professionalism and people, particularly people who are the leaders in their field and willing to go the extra mile.

At Hayman-Joyce we recognise the need for buyers to be able to access our properties all the time. Our website allows viewings and valuations to be booked straight into the team’s diaries and carry out full Virtual Reality walk though viewings of our properties – anytime and from anywhere in the world. We blend this with being available to speak and meet with people, to get to know them thoroughly in order to provide the absolute best service. We believe that with the right combination of the old and the new, tradition and innovation, you can find the formula to meet all our clients’ needs, all the time.

We would be delighted to help if you are looking to sell, let, buy, rent or would like some property related advise.