Moreton Show a shining beacon of the Cotswolds.

On Saturday 3rd September was the 64th Moreton show which was yet again heralded a huge success.

Moreton Show is one of the country’s biggest one-day agricultural shows and was first held in 1949. Located on the same site it has occupied ever since – part of the Batsford Estate – although it has been much extended over the years. Its underlying purpose is to improve the standard of farming and farm crafts locally and to educate the wider community on farming and equestrianism.

There were 350 trade stands showing or selling everything, from Combine Harvesters to Wellington boots and the very best locally produced food. All day, too, there was thrilling entertainment in the Grand Arena and Attractions Ring.

The remarkable thing about Moreton Show, and something that is not commonly known, is how many volunteers are involved, not just on Show Day, but throughout the whole year. In a way it is this joint effort that makes the Show have a different feel to some of the other bigger shows.

It’s this sense of community in the Cotswolds that the show encapsulates so beautifully. With the whole community coming together to enjoy a day out and share interests and experiences. Almost all the town gets involved in one way or another and competitions are held amongst the shops on the High Street. This year there were nearly 100 Moreton Show flags flying in the High Street in the run up to the show.

Hayman-Joyce are very proud supporters of the show – be it our sponsorship or time we give by volunteering to help run the show. James Hayman-Joyce was a long term council member and Moreton Show Chairman in 2006, 2007 and 2012, Tom Hayman-Joyce a current council member and Chairman of the Grand Arena Committee and Camilla Haines with her years of stewarding on show days.

Hayman-Joyce is celebrating its 25th Anniversary and has always been synonymous with the show. Particularly in our core values of making sure we remember our heritage, rapidly adapting to changing times, working seamlessly as a team and continually striving to be the very best. This along with an exceptional team of people is what makes Moreton Show and Hayman-Joyce so successful.