Cax Homes Ltd is a local builder and development company run by Martin.

We have worked with Martin for close to a decade on numerous projects, new builds and conversions.

Martin purchased two properties through us, one via public auction in Paxford and the other in competitive bidding in Longborough. Both were in poor condition and needed significant refurbishment and remodelling.

We worked closely with Martin, helping advise on the layout and specification.

We show houses to buyers every day, we know exactly what the majority are looking for in a home in the Cotswolds, throughout different age groups, price ranges, life stages and uses (home, second home or investment). This allows us to unlock the highest possible GDV, whilst spending where is needed to keep costs under control.

In addition to these two properties, we sold three new builds on two sites in Paxford near Chipping Campden for Martin.

We helped from the early design and planning phase, discussing the best use of space to maximise the end value, right through to final specification and finish.

We successfully sold all the properties, in varying markets, including renting one house for a year until we secured a buyer off-market at the right level.

Without a doubt, we added significant value and worked to timescales which best suited Martin for cash flow and tax purposes.

Martin comments that Hayman-Joyce are “extremely professional” and “Nothing else to say really, apart from I’d recommend them to anybody.”

Transcript of video:

We bought originally from Tom a property in Paxford at an auction which he supervised and another property which he had on his books in Longborough which is just outside Morton in Marsh. Both those properties we refurbished very seriously, very vigorously and very nicely as well. I eventually bought a very nice piece of land in Paxford and we built two stroke three new houses on it. Tom got involved which was very nice of him in some of the finishing touches to help sell it for the right correct money. What was impressive once we’d sold the property you and I know that it’s not sold until it’s exchanged. I was kept updated on a weekly or fortnightly basis of where we were going with the customer. Tom and John and all the team were just, all of them were extremely professional regarding all what they had to do, the viewings, the comebacks, the feedback to me, which is very important when it’s your business. Nothing else to say really, apart from I’d recommend them to anybody.

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