In 2018 Paul and Suzanne invited us to value their home.

Paul and Suzanne lived in a lovely semi-detached house with a few complications of a flying freehold, shared cellar and rights of access and asked us to advise on the merits of buying next door which was likely to be sold in the coming years to resolve these issues.

Paul and Suzanne were keen to know roughly what the whole would be worth and if they bought it and knocked both houses into one.

Taking time to ask the right questions and to really understand that the key for Suzanne and Paul was to live in a detached house without a flying freehold. They wished to remain in the village and they loved the location of their home at the end of the village with lovely views.

We came up with an alternative solution for them to consider. Why not build a new detached house in your garden? We recommended a couple of great planning advisers.

On our recommendation, Paul and Suzanne successfully secured planning and built their new home.

We then advised and successfully sold their semi-detached house in 2021.

The Hayman-Joyce advantage:

Financially our strategy created a gain of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

More importantly, our advice has meant Paul and Suzanne are mortgage-free, live in a beautiful home they have designed themselves, which is very energy efficient with low running costs, little ongoing maintenance and a more manageable garden.

As Paul summarises “We’ve just ended up with an amazing house. Financially it’s worked out incredibly well for us. First time ever mortgage free. It’s been transformative.”

Transcript of video:

S – We asked Tom if he would just informally come round and give us just some ideas as to what to do. It was a semi-detached house. We knew that the other half was coming up for sale. And so Tom came round and we had, and gave us an idea of how much it was going to be to buy the house and how much it would then cost to make it into one house, which was just a lot of money. So he said, have you ever thought about building in the garden? We have a very, very big garden. It’s very long and it’s all to one side of the house. We hadn’t thought about it at all. We went away and had a think. So that’s what we did. And we would never have thought of that if Tom hadn’t suggested it. It was just somewhere that we mowed, that the kids played in, that the dogs ran in. And we never thought about doing anything with it at all. And so this is, four years later, is what we have.

P – We’ve just ended up with an amazing house. Financially it’s worked out incredibly well for us. First time ever mortgage free. First time ever mortgage free. It’s been transformative.

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