The spring offers a prime opportunity to make the most of selling your home.  Here are some of the The National Association of Estate Agents tips.

"Cosmetic improvements can be beneficial but more important than these, a sensible valuation and considered marketing of a property should still be the prime concerns of any spring sellers."
To help sellers make their homes noticeable in what is proving a tough market, the NAEA recommends the following:

Make sure the price is right-Choosing the right local estate agent to market your property and ensure your home is realistically priced is vital; if a property is valued at an unreasonable price it may put off potential buyers. Opting for an agent affiliated with a professional organisation like NAEA will mean you are protected against bad practice.

Outdoor appeal-As the weather improves, outdoor areas will be at the front of many buyers' minds. This means concentrating on external aspects of the house such as the front garden, driveway and external facade, and paying the same level of attention to their condition as you would to internal spaces.

Gardens should be tidy, the approach should look welcoming, and exterior features should be well maintained or freshly painted
EPCs-You are legally required to have an Energy Performance Certificate when you sell your home and even as the warmer months approach, the issue of rising utility bills is still of importance to most buyers. Check your property's EPC rating and try to find out how it compares with similar homes. If your home falls into a less efficient banding it may be worth investigating the most cost effective ways of improving the rating before you sell.

Does it work?- In the process of selling a home it's easy to overlook some of the smaller details. Ensuring that things like door bells, extractor fans and light bulbs all function correctly helps show the property is worth caring about.

Put yourself in the buyer's shoes-Disassociating yourself from the property can really help you to take a buyer's perspective. If they can envisage themselves living there and how they would make their mark on the property, it is more likely they will want to move in. View everything as critically and dispassionately as possible.

The Rowans, Broad Marston is an example of a house where all these points and more have been covered to make it the dream cottage