Confessions of an Estate Agent

Sometimes when a new year commences and you have spent the Christmas holidays reading the doom and gloom forecasts for 2017, it feels like going into battle once more.  Residential Estate Agency can sometimes be reminiscent of psychological and financial warfare.  Often we are seen to be prising loved properties out of the hands of owners and allowing new invaders to inhabit.  The buying and selling process is fraught with emotion and this coupled with interjections from mortgage advisors, mortgage valuers, surveyors and family members can make it a minefield.  It takes the coolest head and the calmest nature to agree terms and steady the course to a successful conclusion.  Very often when emotions are at their highest I ask all parties to step back from negotiations which enables them to see things more clearly.  My role during the past 30 years has been to spend time understanding my client’s objectives and also appreciate those of the buyer, only with this insight can we succeed. 

I am known for my “Straight Advice” sometimes hard to take but I have built my reputation on it.   I give straight advice to clients considering taking a higher offer than the one they have already accepted – although they don’t always take it!  I give straight advice on pricing which sometimes loses me the job, contracts and all manner of things including interior and landscape design and whether to bake bread before a viewing.

What are my forecasts for 2017?  Well perhaps I am bound to say that I expect great thing’s for Hayman-Joyce but one things for sure you will still find me on the battlefield, carrying the flag and keeping the troops motivated.  As for the battle let’s hope we are winners again this year. 

Charlie Comber