Thank you to our fellow professionals

A statement from Tom Hayman-Joyce:

On 1st July the Stamp Duty holiday changed and those purchasing over £500,000 will now save £2,500 rather than £15,000 on their property purchase.

With the extension to the original end date of 31st March being announced in early March, this gave many more buyers the chance to benefit and created a double peak of buyers who all wanted to complete in time.

Solicitors and conveyancers have been working with an unprecedented level of work as so many have rushed to meet these deadlines for completion.

On speaking with many local professionals, they have been going above and beyond, many burning the midnight oil or cancelling well deserved holiday for their clients’ benefit.

Personally, I would like to thank all conveyancers and solicitors for this tremendous effort, not only with the volume of work, but the mental strength to deal with the extension. Working in the early part of the year towards the March deadline, knowing the end was in sight, with the deals all progressing having broken the back of the work, to then have the deadline extended which opened the flood gates for another wave of clients, must have been challenging to deal with.

The Stamp Duty window will come to an end on 30th September, when the final maximum saving of £2,500 ends.  I hope that as the monetary amount is less significant our fellow professionals will have an easier ride in the run up to this final deadline.